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With the Graz “Old Town Tram” (Grazer Altstadt Bim) free through Graz


What is the Grazer Altstadt Bim? What is the Grazer Old Town Tram?

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With the Old Town Bim tourists and locals drive free through the city center of Graz. This free ride is valid on all tram lines as well as the rail replacement during the whole week.

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It should be noted that the old town Bim ever one station beyond the station Hauptplatz / Congress and Jakominiplatz goes out. Currently, this applies to all tram lines in Graz.

Line overview (transportation map) of the old town of Graz Bim

The old town of Graz Bim can be used for the tram lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well as for the lines 13 and 26, which operate in the evening and on public holidays. The free ride on the old town of Bim is only valid in the center of Graz. The choice of the line is irrelevant, as well as the choice of the tram train. It can thus be used any streetcar set.

Public transport stops overview of the old town of Graz Bim

This means for the regular lines:

  • Line 1: Südtiroler Platz – Hauptplatz/Congress Graz – Jakominiplatz – Kaiser Josef Platz
  • Line 3: Südtiroler Platz – Hauptplatz/Congress Graz – Jakominiplatz – Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Line 4: Schlossbergplatz – Hauptplatz/Congress Graz – Jakominiplatz – Finanzamt
  • Line 5: Schlossbergplatz – Hauptplatz/Congress Graz – Jakominiplatz – Finanzamt
  • Line 6: Südtiroler Platz – Hauptplatz/Congress Graz – Jakominiplatz – Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Line 7: Südtiroler Platz – Hauptplatz/Congress Graz – Jakominiplatz – Kaiser Josef Platz
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IIn the evening, Sunday and public holidays additionally:

  • Line 13: Finanzamt – Jakominiplatz – Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Line 26: Jakominiplatz – Dietrichsteinplatz

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Which stops are served with the Grazer Altstadt Bim?

The following stops are served with the Grazer Altstadt Bim. Stops overview:

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Graz Tramway
Graz Tramway
  • Südtiroler Platz
  • Schlossbergplatz
  • Hauptplatz/Congress Graz
  • Jakominiplatz
  • Kaiser Josef Platz
  • Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Finanzamt

Watch out for the following rules

Only streetcar sets and replacement bus lines between the stops concerned apply. A bus (for example between Jakominiplatz and Kaiser Josef Platz) may not be used free of charge.

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Also night bus lines in this area are excluded from the action and may not be used free of charge in the respective section.

What sights can I reach with the Grazer Altstadt Bim?

Old Town Tram Graz
Old Town Tram Graz
  • Südtiroler Platz: The most prominent of these is the Grazer Kunsthaus, also called “Friendly Alian”. Over the Mur bridge with the many love castles, there is a good photo opportunity on the Grazer river, the castle hill with clock tower and the Mur island.
  • Schlossbergplatz: From the Schlossbergplatz, on the one hand, you can head towards the Mur and get directly to the Murinsel. The Mur island is a floating island from the time when Graz was the cultural capital (2003). In addition, one of the most famous shopping centers between Schlossbergplatz and Hauptplatz (Kastern & Öhler). If you follow the streetcar the next stop “Schlossbergbahn” will be reached in three minutes. An unforgettable driveway with excellent views over Graz on the castle hill. But the Schlossbergplatz also offers a lot: in addition to the Graz Museum, it is possible to go directly through the Graz mountain. Here it is pleasantly cool in summer. The route ends a bit higher and not far from Graz Carmelite Square. In addition, there is also the possibility of driving the Schlossberglift directly to the Grazer clock tower. The lift trip costs extra and is not included in the ticket of the Verbundlinen. Furthermore, there is the possibility of the ride on the multimedia cave railway through the dark corridors of the mountain. Many people think this train is still known as the “Märchengrottenbahn”. Sporty climbers naturally climb the Schlossberg via numerous steps directly from the Schlossbergplatz.
  • Hauptplatz / Congress Graz: The main square as well as the Herrengasse form the heart of Graz. Numerous lanes, museums, shops and restaurants invite you to browse, linger and enjoy.
  • Jakominiplatz: The central transfer point is centrally located and offers as the main square a lot of shopping and countless restaurants. From here you can watch the hustle and bustle best.
  • Kaiser Josef Platz: The Opera of Graz is located directly on Kaiser Josef Platz. In addition, there is also the largest farmers market of Graz, with many fresh regional delicacies.
  • Dietrichsteinplatz and Finanzamt: Unfortunately, no sights.


How is the Graz old town Bim marked?

The tram racks are not marked, it can be used any tram line and line between the stops.

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How can you recognize the stops of Graz Old Town Bim?

Each stop is marked with a sticker.

Is a refund of purchased tickets possible?

A refund of already purchased tickets is not possible. Therefore, it should be planned in advance whether the old town Bim is an alternative to the ticket.

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