Risk Analysis: Key Steps to Minimizing Risk


A risk analysis is a process designed to identify potential hazards and threats that could affect an organization, project or business. Risk analysis involves a systematic assessment of the risks and an assessment of their impact on the organization in order to take appropriate risk mitigation measures. Steps of a risk analysis Risk analysis is … Read more

Return a value if no rows are found SQL


What actually happens when you run a SQL query that doesn’t return any rows? For example, think of a WHERE clause with the condition 1=2, which can never be fulfilled and therefore rows can never be returned. First, let’s look at a few examples that should show you what you can expect as a return … Read more

SQL Developer Memory Settings


Your SQL Developer is behaving slowly when starting and executing queries? Then I have the right tips for you here. Two blog articles already deal with the optimization of SQL Developer. On the one hand how you can optimize the SQL Developer and on the other hand how you can make the SQL Developer faster. … Read more

SQL Developer Slow


Is your SQL developer slow? Then here are a few tips and tricks to make it a little faster. Note that you use the Always optimize SQL Developerand you should also download the latest updates. First of all, this is mandatory. You can already find the optimization guide in the blog article Tune SQL Developer. … Read more

Differences between NVL, NVL2 and COALESCE


NVL and NVL2 are Oracle specific and where introduced before the ANSI-92 standard (which includes COALESCE) was created. NVL and COALESCE are nearly identical, even there are some differenced I would like to point out: NVL always executes both arguments NVL always evaluates the first and second arguments and is therefore a bit slower than … Read more

Autonomous Transactions


PL/SQL normally treads the whole modification as a single transaction. If you want to have some part of the code as seperate transaction, you can use the functionallity of autonomous transactions. The statement PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION has to be part of the declarative section. Cause the transaction is seperate you have to seperate specify a COMMIT … Read more

SQL Aggregation


Aggregation Cube If you have dimensions, you can use the cube function. Imagine you have the dimensions time, state and product. When you use the cube function, you can get an insight of these values (you get all possible subtotals). Also a partial cube query is possible. Grouping Rollup – SQL Aggregation The rollup clause … Read more

APEX Office Print (AOP) – Problems Excel Text Wrap, Line Break

ApexOfficePrint 1

Problem An Excel template was created (with the variables according to AOP) including line wrapping (text wrap, line break). During the subsequent document creation, however, the line break is not taken into account (not in every column). However, this also means that when creating a PDF document, the line (in the respective column) is cut … Read more