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Difference between SQL NVL and NVL2

NVL VS NVL2 The difference between the SQL functions NVL and NVL2 is, that when using the function NVL2 you can set different values for NULL and NOT NULL. NVL only checks and analyzes...

Commit Rollback SQLDEV

Commit and Rollback SQL Developer

The SQL Developer sets implicit automatic COMMITs. This COMMIT is subconsciously and automatically canceled in the following situations. (1) SQL Developer quits normally, with no COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement. In this case, a COMMIT...

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7 ways to wish Croatians a happy birthday

Happy birthday in Croatian Happy birthday in Croatian means: Sretan rođendan! As in the German language, this term is used quite often. However, other expressions are often found much more frequently on social networks...