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Fallout 76 – Find Abroxo cleaning supplies

Fallout 76 Abraxo Cleaner
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In Fallout 76, Abroxo Cleaning Supplies is one of the essential resources that players can collect. A household cleaner known from the Fallout universe, it can be broken down into various chemicals. This blog post will help you find the best places to collect Abroxo cleaning supplies and explain how to use it effectively in your adventure.

Why is Abroxo cleaning supplies important in Fallout 76?

Abroxo cleaning agent is an essential part of many craft recipes. When disassembled, it provides the following materials:

  • Acid: An important raw material for ammunition production.

Abroxo cleaning supplies locations in Fallout 76

Here are some of the best places to find Abroxo cleaning supplies in Fallout 76:

Whitespring Resort: There are many bathrooms, kitchens and storage rooms at Whitespring Resort. These rooms are the best places to find Abroxo cleaning supplies. Check the hotel rooms and the kitchen wing carefully.

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Morgantown High School: The utility rooms at Morgantown High School are excellent places to find Abroxo cleaning supplies. Also check the classrooms and storage rooms.

More locations for Abroxo cleaning supplies in Fallout 76

  • Locker airport hospital tent
  • Mama Dolce, hut with the forklift in the middle
  • 2 x cellar supervisors
  • White spring refuge, laundry room

Effective search strategies

To make your search for soap as efficient as possible, here are some strategies you can use:

  • Optimize tours: Develop a fixed route for your raids to save time.
  • Use respawn time: Revisit locations once the loot respawn time has expired.
  • Apply Loot Filter: Focus only on bathrooms and sinks.

Abroxo Cleaning Supplies is a versatile resource in Fallout 76 that plays an important role in various recipes and modifications. With the locations and farming tips mentioned above, you are well prepared to collect and effectively use this valuable resource.

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