Call of Duty Mobile – Bots Logic


The logic of bots should be modeled on the feature of the scout, although bots have a wider radius here. If the bots notice steps, they approach from behind. To do this, they make good use of the relief map and always move close to the rocks – so that you don’t see them. If you turn around, the bots will change direction and try from the other side.

Bots are approaching from behind

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The bots always approach from behind – also through a safe zone if necessary. A blue zone in the back does not mean an enemy in the back. Thankfully, bots aren’t that strong, but always count on them.

Bots make optimal use of cards

The bots make perfect use of mountains and differences in altitude. They always move on the protected side so that you cannot see them. So if you encounter enemies that run close to the mountain, it is most likely bots.

Outsmart bots

Have bots outsmarted. Yes. If you don’t move, bots won’t see you and will even run past you. It is important, however, not to take a step for a long time. Due to the Scout logic, only the steps are observed. As a snipper, you are protected from bots after a few minutes.

Bots run randomly

You think you are safe in the desert? Not even close. Many bots run around indiscriminately and are waiting for you in the most remote places. This is also the reason why many bots die in the Safe Zone. They walk around indiscriminately and no longer come out of the safe zone on time. If you watch bots through binoculars, you will also see that the bots run forward and to the side, as in the prelude to Battle Royal, and wait for something to happen.

Bots don’t use vehicles

In my opinion, bots didn’t use vehicles. Neither motorcycles, cars, helicopters nor tanks. They lack the logic completely because they e.g. in the helicopter or vehicle do not know where to go. You are looking for enemies and do not want to achieve a goal. So if you hear vehicle sounds, you can be pretty sure that they are real players.

Bots often have no logic

When the last player is in the helicopter, the bots either have no logic or they want to shoot them down. I even suspect the latter – although I’m not sure if the bots have a helicopter logic – because the one contradicts or extends the step logic. The bots even run into the blue zone to get a missile weapon – but die in the process. This would also suggest that bots at least know the boxes and the contents of the boxes.

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Unanswered questions

  • Where do the bots jump to in the beginning?
  • Do the bots stay together or do they separate after landing?
  • Do bots always jump to a place?
  • When does the bot mechanism start?
  • Bots are automatically equipped

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