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Mi Band 7 – News & Specifications

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The Mi Band 6 is here and the first wishes for the Mi Band 7 are getting loud. But what should be implemented in the next version? After the Mi Band 6 was only equipped with a new SpO2 sensor (plus some new sport modes), the Mi Band 7 will probably only get one option.

The wishes of the users currently include the following options:

  • EGK,
  • GPS,
  • NFC
  • and extended battery life

From the current point of view, everything speaks in favor of an EKG, as this function could be implemented most easily. The problem with NFC is that many financial institutions are currently relying on their own solutions and a connection to Google Pay or Apple Pay is currently not planned. For this reason, NFC will generally only be available in China. GPS would be extremely desirable, but it requires a lot of battery power, which makes the tape bigger and heavier – and probably more expensive too. All reasons that Xiaomi actually does not want.

Ultimately, the only option left is an EKG function, a slightly better display, a slightly larger battery and more sport modes. Whether this is the decisive argument for the Mi Band 7 is currently still doubted. But the other providers are also currently running out of ideas, especially for smart ribbons. The focus is on watches that offer more and more.

More information about the Mi Band 7

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The Xiamoi Mi Band is currently being developed together with the Chinese manufacturer Huami. The deal has been extended to 3 years, which means that in addition to the existing Mi Band 6, there will also be a Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 8. The bands appear once a year, which means that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will appear in 2022 and the Mi Band 8 in 2023. Huami is best known for his own smartband series called Amazfit. In addition to the Mi Band, Xiaomi also focuses on the smartwatches, called Mi Watch.

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display size & amp; Weight

So far, all Mi Bands have been slightly larger, which means that the Mi Band 7 should also be a bit larger. The weight is likely to change only slightly, if at all. As with the previous Mi Band 6, there should also no longer be a touch button. There could be changes to the bands and the loading mechanism, as Xiaomi often develops new ones after 2 series (Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6).

Jumps in pixel density or brightness could be expected, with the latter requiring a larger battery. A brightness control could also come, but is rather unlikely, as many users currently do not want it.

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Xiaomi will in all probability also turn the price screw on the next Mi Band a little, which means that the band should be up to 20% more expensive. Nevertheless, the Mi Band is still excellent in terms of price / performance for smart bracelets. As an alternative, however, smart watches could compete, which due to their size often have larger batteries and other technologies and sensors on board.

You can currently get the Mi Band 5 cheaply, which offers you a variety of functions and, in contrast to the Mi Band 6, is almost twice as cheap to buy.

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