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Bratislava in 24 hours – 1 day in Bratislava

K800 Bratislava Nacht Donau

Bratislava in 24 hours – 1 day in Bratislava

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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and the economic center of the country. Outside of Slovakia, the capital of Slovakia is not known for a variety of sights. It is therefore not on the TOP 10 list of capitals, which travelers want to see. Nevertheless, you will not get bored in 24 hours in Bratislava. However, most (important) attractions (with good planning) can be visited within a day. Bratislava in 24 hours / 1 day in Bratislava is the perfect short guide to the city.

K800 Bratislava Tag Schloss
Bratislava with castle

Arrival to Bratislava

The easiest way to get to Bratislava is by train, bus or even by boat. Of course, the journey can also be made by plane or car. Often Bratislava is visited, discovered and experienced during a Danube cruise in the direction of the Black Sea. Otherwise, there are also the Danube liners between Vienna and Bratislava, which can be taken advantage of with the NÖ Card or the Vienna Pass. The ÖBB also often offers actions between Vienna and Bratislava.

The city on the Danube has a variety of castles, churches, squares and palaces and is located only six kilometers from the Austrian border. In the far west of Slovakia, it is one of the few capitals not located in the middle of a country. In addition, Bratislava is adjacent to 3 countries (or has close range): Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Bratislava is not very big – at least the city center – so a leisurely walk covers the entire city. Those who do not want to walk longer distances (for example, the slope (including stairs) to the castle) can use the inexpensive public transport. Directly but in the heart of the old town drive no (with an area of about 1 square kilometer, but also not necessary) public buses or trams. Bratislava can also be visited in bad weather, although it is much more fun in fair weather.

Attractions – Bratislava in 24 hours / 1 day

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There are many attractions in Bratislava for 24 hours – but everyone should have seen these three points. The highlights of the Slovak capital are

  • Old and inner city,
  • the Bratislava Castle with a view of the Old Town and the Danube region and
  • the view of Bratislava from the UFO tower.

All points are in close range, so the distance varies between 3 and 4 kilometers.

K800 Bratislava Man at Work

Downtown / Old Town Bratislava

The city center of the Slovak capital has many buildings (churches and palaces) and places to spot and take photos. Numerous pubs and coffees line many streets. This even goes so far that entire streets consist only of pubs and coffee houses. Other streets are lined with souvenir shops and restaurants. The price range is as big as the variety of choices. In some places even regional local products can be purchased. At other corners, on the other hand, there are artists who sell their own works.

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Tip: The Pressburger Kipferl (either filled with poppy seeds or Nus) should not be missed. During the city tour, you should always pay attention to the buildings. Beautiful facades adorn the way through the Slovak capital Bratislava. You can not walk in the small old town, however. Numerous sculptures on the main square are also waiting for the photo with them.

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Man at work / sewer worker

A highlight is the “sewer worker” or “Man at Work” peeking out of a manhole cover in the middle of the old town. It is located from the main square towards the Danube (west). The billboard with the inscription “Man at Work” should also be photographed. But beware: who does not pay attention has also fallen over him before.

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Castle Bratislava

The castle is easy to Bratislava and offers a beautiful view of the old town, the city environment, the Danube, the UFO tower, behind the prefabricated buildings and countless wind turbines on the Austrian side. The staircase is located after crossing the main road at St. Martin’s Cathedral. The castle has many viewpoints and a park with several benches to rest with views over the old town. There is also a free baroque garden, which shows all its splendor in spring and summer.

Bratislava Castle houses the National History Museum in its premises. This museum offers a collection of paintings, seals, chests, books and other items. The highlight is the replica of the Hungarian crown and the observation tower (no lift – only steep single-lane stairs). However, the tower of the castle has no outside terrace, but only eight windows in the respective cardinal directions.

Tip: It can be quite windy on the castle plateau, so a jacket or sweater (depending on the season) can be worthwhile.

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UFO – observation tower

K800 Bratislava Ufo Turm
UFO observation tower

The UFO Tower, along with other imposing towers (Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, etc.) is one of the most spectacular towers in the world. He is also a member of the Association of Worldwide (Special) Towers. At 90 meters, it has an observation deck, a bar / cafe and a restaurant. The UFO tower can be reached via the New Danube Bridge from the city center within a few minutes. The lift goes diagonally up the tower – but you get something only with the acceleration. Bar drinks are relatively cheap, while the food (menu) is relatively expensive. Free entrance on the tower only restaurant visitors, which consume also a menu. Otherwise, always a ticket for the viewing platform must be solved (even with a beverage consumption).

Tip: The toilet facilities also offer a view of the western Bratislava. In addition, it is worthwhile to experience the sunset here and thus to experience Bratislava day and night. However, the platform is also quite windy – so should be thought of a jacket or a sweater.

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More about Bratislava in 24 hours

You can read more sights on the blog article “Discover Bratislava”. Information (eg cultural calendar and events) about Bratislava can be found on the official homepage. Buying a Bratislava Card is usually not worth it for one day.

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