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Discover the picturesque mountain village of Zia on Kos: An unforgettable experience

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The highest village on the island of Kos is Zia, on the green northern slope of the mountain (Dikeos Mountains) at an altitude of 325 meters. The small town with less than 100 inhabitants is surrounded by olive groves, cypresses, eucalyptus and pine trees. Zia is best known for its fantastic views and is about 15 kilometers from the capital Kos. On a good day you can see the neighboring islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos as well as Turkey. In addition, countless water sources ensure the lush green landscape. A trip to the mountain village should not be missing on any Kos trip.

Zia is a charming village on the Greek island of Kos, which has become a popular tourist destination in recent years – unfortunately, at certain times of the year there is already mass tourism there. The village is situated on a hilltop in the heart of the island and offers stunning views of the surrounding sea and countryside.


Zia is overrun by numerous holidaymakers every day, which can be divided into two categories. Day tourists who have booked a trip to Zia or an island tour as well as sunset tourists who come especially in the evening for sunset. With an excellent view to the west, Zia offers the most breathtaking sunset of Kos. Alternatively: Tigaki beach also offers a beautiful sunset, just without the island of Kos in the foreground. Don’t expect blue and white houses like in Santorini from Zia, but perceive the place as a tourist mountain village with the most beautiful view of Kos.

The excursions cost around 20 euros, depending on where you start.

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If you are looking for other excursions, you can also look at the various excursions in Kos. You should not miss at least a trip to the volcanic island of Nysiros and Bubble Beach.

Zia – the village at a glance

The narrow streets of the village are lined with traditional whitewashed houses and offer numerous opportunities for strolling and shopping. Local artisans offer handmade souvenirs and handicrafts that make perfect souvenirs to take home.

Sunset in Zia

One of the main attractions of Zia is the sunset, considered by many to be the most beautiful on the island of Kos. Some of the best vantage points are the numerous tavernas and cafes that can be found along the main street of the village. Here you can enjoy a delicious Greek coffee or taste traditional local dishes while watching the spectacular sunset.

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There are several ways to get to Zia. On foot (not recommended, as it is very hot in summer), by public bus, by tourist buses as part of an island tour or a booked excursion to Zia, and by rented vehicles (quad bikes, motorbikes, cars). Depending on the season, the public bus runs about 3 to 4 times a day from Kos to Zia and back. Tourist buses offer the option of an afternoon ride and a special sunset ride. The island tours visit Zia on the way across the island. If you are visiting Zia with rented vehicles, keep in mind that parking spaces are limited there (especially at sunset).


There are a few tavernas and bars in Zia, but those tend to get crowded during rush hours. If you want to watch the sunset from a tavern, you should book days in advance and arrive early enough (parking spaces for rental cars are very scarce). Guests who do a guided sunset tour should avoid eating and drinking, as the bus returns directly after sunset and the waiting times and cooking times in restaurants are significantly longer at sunset.

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Saganaki and Mousaka taste particularly good in the taverns, but there is something for every taste – whether fish or meat. From time to time some taverns also offer live music.

A secret tip is the Watermill of Zia on the way to the church. There is good homemade lemonade here. Visiting the watermill is free. In addition, it is rarely overcrowded, as hardly any tourists bother to go a step too far.

You can find more restaurants and Greek delicacies here.


The Kimissi tis Theotokou church is above the center and can be reached after a somewhat steeper walk. The church is usually blocked, but the view from up there is worth it.

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In Zia some local products are sold and offered for tasting. I can particularly recommend the thyme honey, the cinnamon syrup, sweet pickled tomatoes and raki with honey. The cinnamon syrup can be drunk pure or diluted and is also suitable for refining desserts.

Otherwise there is the usual for Greece in Zia: beautiful jewelry, handicrafts, embroidery, lace, ceramics, wooden toys, bracelets, olive oil, spices and herbs, pendants and woven carpets. The shops are on the main street, shop after shop, with cars and tourists often passing by.

Hiking around Zia

Zia is also an excellent starting point for hiking and trekking tours. The surrounding area is rich in natural beauty and offers ample opportunities to explore the island’s stunning countryside. A popular route leads to the monastery of Agios Ioannis, which is situated on a hill above Zia and offers spectacular views of the area.

Summary Zia

Overall, Zia is a beautiful and unique destination that reflects the natural beauty and traditional culture of the island of Kos. Whether you decide to spend a relaxing day in one of the taverns or explore the area on a trekking tour – Zia has something to offer for everyone.

FAQ Zia on Kos

Where is Zia on the island of Kos?

Zia is located in the heart of Kos Island on a hilltop offering stunning views of the surrounding sea and countryside.

What are the main attractions of Zia?

One of the main attractions of Zia is the spectacular sunset, considered one of the most beautiful on the island of Kos. There are also numerous taverns and cafes along the main street of the village offering traditional Greek dishes. In addition, Zia is an excellent starting point for trekking tours and hikes through the surrounding countryside.

Are there souvenir shops in Zia?

Yes, Zia has numerous gift shops where visitors can buy handmade souvenirs and crafts. The local artisans offer a wide range of unique and handmade products.

How to reach Zia?

Zia can be reached by car or bus. There are regular bus services from Kos Town to Zia. The journey time is about 30 minutes.

Are there places to stay in Zia?

Yes, there is a range of accommodation options in Zia including hotels, apartments and villas. Most of the accommodation offers wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding countryside.

When is the best time to visit Zia?

The best time to visit Zia is from April to October when the weather is pleasant and sunny. However, Zia can get very busy in high season, so it can be an advantage to travel in the off-season to avoid the crowds.

What activities can you do in Zia?

Activities to do in Zia include trekking and hiking in the surrounding countryside, visiting taverns and cafes along the village’s main street, and shopping for handmade souvenirs and handicrafts. Visitors can also enjoy the spectacular sunset, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful on the island of Kos.

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