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Lawn Mower smokes white and spits oil

Rasenmaeher reparieren
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This post deals with repairing lawn mowers. What to do if the lawnmower loses oil? What to do if the lawnmower smokes white? The white smoke is a sign that oil has entered the combustion tract. This creates smelly white smoke. Often, this is also paired with the melting of plastic parts of the lawnmower. This leads to a more intense unpleasant smell. At the same time, the carburetor spits oil and oil drips out of the pan under the engine. But don’t worry, the lawnmower is still repairable.

The cause of the problem

The cause of the problem is mostly oil that has flowed into the combustion tract, the carburetor and the air filter. This does not lead to complete combustion and white smoke is produced. Often, this starts off weakly and becomes stronger over time (as soon as the oil has heated up and is more liquid). In the latter state, it then begins to drip.

But how can oil simply run into the combustion chamber (the cylinder and piston of the lawn mower engine)? Usually the lawnmower is tilted incorrectly so that oil runs through the air filter to the carburetor. Lawnmowers may only be tilted slightly. Longer slopes over 15 degrees can also trigger this problem. If you want to tip the lawn mower, you have to make sure that the spark plug looks up.

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Tilt lawnmower correctly

Many tilt the lawn mower to the side (e.g. for cleaning or cleaning). However, this is completely wrong and should never be done! Of course, simple doesn’t mean right. If the fuel tank is well filled, petrol usually runs over the lawn mower. This is due to the fact that the gasoline stub can not be airtight to reduce the gases (pressure) and let them escape.

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Then why do many people tip the lawn mower to the side? It is the safest and most practical method. The lawn mower can thus be easily cleaned with a plug. But what would be the correct procedure? Tilt the lawnmower upwards from the front – i.e. with the handle downwards. Holding and cleaning the lawnmower in this way is more than difficult and dangerous because you can easily reach into the knife. The lawnmower also does not voluntarily remain in this position. A heavy object must be placed on the handle so that the lawnmower holds the position – and hopefully will not fall on you.

Lawnmowers can be repaired quickly and easily

Now you have learned what you did wrong. Now you are sure to find out how you can repair the lawn mower. This is actually quite simple.

Warning: the lawn mower can be hot. Only attack parts when they are cold. Never operate the lawnmower without an air filter. Check the oil level regularly. Do not let the lawnmower run too long in the event of smoke. Have a fire extinguisher ready if necessary.

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In a first step, you should clean the air filter. This is usually only fixed with a screw and should be cleaned regularly. However, most forget this. The air filter made of foam mostly soaked with oil in the above-mentioned problem. You should wash out the filter and then lightly oil it. You can find more information on this in the operating instructions.

Then you should remove the spark plug and remove it. Now put a kitchen roll or a cloth into this opening. Now pull the starter cord a few times without starting the lawnmower (do not open the throttle or press the red lever – the lawnmower should not start). This injects the oil in the engine into the kitchen roll or cloth. After cleaning, the spark plug is screwed in and connected.

Now you should free the lawn mower from unnecessary oil residues. Also use a kitchen roll or a cloth. When you’re done, you can start the lawn mower. Let it run and smoke and then switch it off again (after about 1 minute – depending on the smoke and engine noise). Now let the engine and lawnmower cool down for 20-30 minutes. Note that plastic parts can braise – so keep the fire extinguisher ready and keep an eye on the lawn mower even during the cooling phase. Try to keep the lawnmower idling for longer. At the latest after the fifth attempt, neither oil should drop nor oil spit out of the carburetor. The smoke should now also be tracked.

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Now you can use the lawn mower again. However, you should be a bit more considerate of the lawnmower for the first few times.

Lawn mower waiting

For maintenance, you should only use the right oil for the lawnmower. You can find this in the operating instructions for your lawnmower.

More tips

Would you like to learn more tips and ticks? Not just how you can fix your lawnmower? Then you should look at the overview page for advice. This provides a lot of useful information.

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