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Airlines Manager Tycoon is a popular Android game for all airplane enthusiasts. But how can you create routes that are as profitable as possible in a short period of time? As you can already read in the article Tips and Tricks for the Airlines Manager, the route is less important than the aircraft and the seats. On the one hand, you should specialize in economy class with the largest possible aircraft (A380). Of course, there must also be demand for this.

Hub + plane = success for the best route

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The success and profit of a route actually depends on several factors, which you usually have under control. A hub with an extremely high demand for economy passengers (but of course also business, freight and first class). Then a large aircraft (such as an A380) that can carry a large number of passengers in one flight. In the end, a good route with which you can use your aircraft to 100%. In summary, the following factors are important.

  • Demand from the hub
  • Airplanes on the route
  • Route length / range of the route from the hub
  • Number of routes from the hub

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Best hubs in the Airlines Manager

Good hubs are hubs that have at least a category 8 or higher. In many cases, these are the capital city airports of each country. Category 8 is necessary so that you can land and take off with large aircraft. In addition, hubs in a higher category generally have more demand. In addition, you should have many routes from the hub within reach, which means that medium-sized central hubs on the world map are better than hubs on the edge (e.g. Australia).

Good hubs are currently Bangkok, Maputo, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The Asian airports in particular have a high economy demand, which will bring you the most money.

Aircraft and occupancy

An A380 on a route with 100 passengers will be of little use to you – it will even cause a loss. It is important that every route is fully used. This means that the coverage of passengers and cargo should be at least 85% and a maximum of 105%. If you are above 105%, there will be again losses due to empty seats and the prices will also decrease.

The length of the route

The longer the route, the higher the profit. However, there is one thing you have to pay attention to. If you can make 5 flights a week with 1 million profit or 14 flights of 10 hours with 0.5 million, then you should bring the 14 flights forward. Not only range is the key, but of course demand and profit per route calculated over time.

Formula for profit

The formula can be calculated de facto (maintenance costs, aircraft costs, wear and tear, etc. disregarded) as follows:

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Profit per hour and route = economy seats * price of the route / flight duration

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