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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ in Romanian: A Deep Dive

Birthdays, while universally celebrated, take on unique flavors in each culture. Romania, with its deep historical roots and vibrant culture, offers a special way of marking this day. Whether you’re looking to extend birthday wishes in Romanian or immerse yourself in their traditions, this guide has you covered.

The Romanian Greeting for ‘Happy Birthday’

In Romanian, “Happy Birthday” translates to “La mulți ani!” This phrase, while directly meaning “To many years!”, is universally used to convey birthday wishes in Romania.

Pronouncing “La mulți ani”

For those unfamiliar with Romanian, this phrase is pronounced as [la ˈmult͡sʲ anj]. The key is to stress on “mulți” and to ensure the “ț” sounds like the “ts” in “cats.”

Birthday Traditions in Romania

Romanian birthday celebrations are a mix of the familiar and the unique:

  • Birthday Cakes: Romania is known for its delicious pastries, and birthday cakes often feature flavors like chocolate, rum, and local fruits.
  • Birthday Songs: Besides the globally recognized “Happy Birthday” tune, Romanians sing their version, which goes “La mulți ani cu sănătate…” emphasizing health and happiness.

Using “La mulți ani” Effectively

While “La mulți ani” is straightforward, adding a personal touch makes your greeting more heartfelt. For instance, “La mulți ani, [Name]!” or extending further wishes such as “Și un an plin de bucurii!” (And a year full of joys!) can deepen your message.

Happy Birthday in Romanian – A quick guide

Today, we’re setting sail for Romania, embarking on a thrilling expedition to discover how to say “Happy Birthday” in Romanian! So, fasten your seatbelts, or as they say in Romanian, “încuieți centurile de siguranță,” and let’s get started!

The standard “Happy Birthday” in Romanian translates to “La mulți ani.” Literally, it means “Many years,” a sweet way of wishing someone a long, happy life. Easy peasy, right?

Happy Birthday in Romanian

Happy birthday in Romanian means: La multi ani! This term is most often used in Romanian because it is the standard phrase and – with a few exceptions – can always be used. You will find many other expressions more often in social networks (but also in personal conversations, of course). These are shorter, more informal, friendlier and more concise. So you will find a variety of options here.

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7 ways to wish a Romanian “a happy birthday”

In the list below you will find various ways in which you can congratulate a Romanian on a birthday. As already mentioned, some of these are short forms (mostly informal) especially for social media or informal conversations. Others, however, have a more general meaning and can of course be used in a variety of ways.

Happy birthday in Romanian
  • La multi ani!Happy birthday / Happy birthday
  • Felicitări! – Congratulations / My congratulations
  • Toate cele bune! – All the best
  • Baftă! – All the best
  • Iti urez La multi ani. – I wish you a happy birthday
  • Felicitări cu ocazia aniversării! – Congratulations on Birthday!
  • Mult noroc! – Good luck
  • La mulți ani cu fericire – Many happy years.
  • La mulți ani cu sănătate – Many healthy years.
  • Sărbătoare fericită! – Happy celebration!

Now, let’s add a little personal touch to our birthday wishes. Let’s say your Romanian friend Vlad is celebrating his 25th birthday. You can say, “La mulți ani, Vlad! 25 de ani de minunăție!” That means, “Happy Birthday, Vlad! 25 years of wonder!”

What if you want to wish someone a happy birthday in advance? Don’t worry, Romanian has got you covered! “La mulți ani în avans” is your go-to phrase, translating to “Happy Birthday in advance.” Super handy, especially if you’re the forgetful type (but we’re all perfect, aren’t we? wink).

It is best to apply your knowledge straight away and surprise a Romanian friend, acquaintance or relative with a “Happy Birthday” in Romanian. Romanians in particular are extremely proud of their language and look forward to birthday wishes in their national language. But don’t be surprised if a “ Mulțumesc! ” or “ Mulțumesc mult! ” comes back – this means something like “(Thank you very much)”. And don’t forget: variety makes life more beautiful – so you have several options to congratulate a Romanian.

Romanian language

If you want to deal more with the Romanian language, the following textbooks will help you. Most of them bring you to an adequate level between A2 and B1, some only offer the most basic phrases – for your next vacation, for example in the Romanian capital Bucharest . See also the blog article about 24 hours in Bucharest and General information about Bucharest.

Birthday gifts for a Romanian

It is often very difficult to choose the right gift – even more difficult with another nationality. Of course, you can’t go wrong with vouchers, gifts of money, fragrances and games – but these are standard gifts. Romanians, however, also enjoy local and regional products from their country. Of course you can mix Romanian with your own regional products and thus have a perfect gift.

More resources in Romanian

In this category you can find more Romanian language expressions and lessons or do you want but a learn another language ? There is also an overview page with birthday wishes in all languages ​​. Would you have known something like “Happy Birthday” in Finnish (one of the heaviest languages) is?

FAQ: Saying ‘Happy Birthday’ in Romanian

How do you say “Happy Birthday” in Romanian?

In Romanian, “Happy Birthday” is expressed as “La mulți ani!” which directly translates to “To many years!”

How do I pronounce “La mulți ani”?

“La mulți ani” is pronounced as [la ˈmult͡sʲ anj].

What unique birthday traditions are there in Romania?

Romanian birthdays often feature traditional cakes with local flavors and a Romanian birthday song that emphasizes health and happiness.

Can I personalize the Romanian birthday greeting?

Absolutely! It’s common to say “La mulți ani, [Name]!” and you can add further wishes like “Și un an plin de bucurii!” for a deeper personal touch.

What does the Romanian birthday song convey?

The Romanian birthday song, beyond wishing many years, places a strong emphasis on health, happiness, and prosperity.

Is “La mulți ani” used only for birthdays?

No, “La mulți ani” is a versatile greeting also used for other celebrations like New Year’s or namedays, wishing someone many happy years ahead.