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Protection against corona in the workplace

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This article tries to give you various tips and possibilities to protect yourself against viruses, bacteria and currently especially the Corona Virus in the workplace. This post shows various ways you can better protect yourself. However, this article cannot offer you 100% protection. However, it at least lowers the risk considerably – so that you go out of work healthy and happy every day.

Note that this post describes general protective measures against viruses and bacteria and thus also applies in times of influenza and the dreaded summer flu. You do not have to implement or take all measures, but you should at least be aware of the risks involved. Maybe there are a few things that you would not have thought of at first.

Corona bacteria virus workplace
Corona bacteria virus workplace

There are also many other articles that currently cover the topic of viruses, bacteria and corona. For example, there is the article Protection against Viruses, Bacteria and Corona in public transport as well as viruses and bacteria in general – with many useful tips (for example the lifespan of Corona viruses).

Viruses and bacteria

A lot is already known about viruses and bacteria. For example, viruses love cool temperatures and high humidity. This means that the offices should be ventilated regularly. This significantly reduces the humidity and compensates for the temperature drop. This inhibits the development of viruses. The air conditioners should also be serviced often, since the fans are considered a bacterial source. So never sit in the direct draft of cooling devices.

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Bacteria need a medium to survive, but viruses do not. This means that it is not only the surface structure of the virus or bacterium that is important, but also the surface structure of the transmission medium. For example, the life of corona viruses is approximately 7 to 9 days on metallic surfaces. You can read more about disinfection and proper hand washing in the article Viruses and Bacteria.

Risk workplace for bacteria, viruses and corona

The workplace has a moderate risk of contracting viruses and bacteria. Most of the time, colleagues are sources of infection, which means that the number of workplaces at the location and the number of workplaces in the office room play a role. The fewer people there are evenly in a room, the lower the risk of infection. However, the higher the number of employees in a company, the higher the risk of infection in public areas – especially due to smear infections.

If you touched and attacked personal items (ID cards, smartphone, backpack, etc.) while working, disinfect these items after work.

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This way you can protect yourself from viruses, bacteria and corona in the workplace

Make sure there is enough ventilation in the private workplace. Also try to move more often to keep your body and your immune system fit. Also drink liquids (water) regularly. In any case, do not sit in the airflow of an air conditioning system, as this can weaken the immune system and infect you with bacteria.

If you work on the upper floors, use the stairs without holding onto the railing. Lifts facilitate the transfer because disinfection is rare and the number of passengers is high. In addition, the distance in lifts is extremely small. If you are still dependent on the lift, you should only press the control buttons with your finger joint and then disinfect yourself. Also be careful not to touch any other objects such as coffee machines, coffee controls, dishwashers, snack machines, door handles, time recording machines, doorknobs, etc. with your fingers. Use gloves, paper towels or pull a piece of clothing over it.

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Try to touch as little as possible in public areas such as canteens, coffee machines, and meeting rooms. Sit outside in meetings so that you can at least be infected from one side only. Disinfect yourself after every meeting or use of a public area.

Toilets in workplaces also have an increased risk of viruses and bacteria. Wash your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds after use and also use disinfectant. Then don’t touch toilet doors by hand – use your forearm or paper towel.

Summary of tips against corona, viruses and bacteria at work

  • Disinfect your hands often
  • Avoid coffee breaks
  • Try to avoid meetings if possible
  • Avoid touching door buckles or banisters
  • Press lift buttons or other buttons with your finger joint
  • Keep your distance as far as possible
  • Do not run your fingers over your face while working
  • Disinfect yourself before lunch and disinfect the food area
  • Disinfect the mouse, keyboard, telephone and company cell phone regularly
  • Turn off the air conditioner and / or do not sit in air currents
  • Use telephony and email instead of personal communication

More resources

You can find further resources on viruses and bacteria on the overview page about health and under the keywords Virus, bacteria and corona. Find out more about how to wash your hands properly and how to optimally store them in critical situations (such as blackouts).

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