How to protect yourself from corona on the cruise ship

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The corona virus is worldwide – and yet special in some regions. It is surprising, however, that cruise ships in particular suffer from it. Many people are in a confined space and share many common areas. The German Federal Foreign Office also points to an increased quarantine risk on cruise ships. This post is about … Read more

Protection against bacteria and viruses

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A lot is already known about viruses: They love cool temperatures and high humidity. Many germs also need a nutrient medium to survive. This also depends on the surface structure of the germs and the surface structure of the contaminated area. Due to the current situation (2020), this contribution makes a major reference to the … Read more

Protection against corona in the workplace

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This article tries to give you various tips and possibilities to protect yourself against viruses, bacteria and currently especially the Corona Virus in the workplace. This post shows various ways you can better protect yourself. However, this article cannot offer you 100% protection. However, it at least lowers the risk considerably – so that you … Read more

Protection against corona in public transportation

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Corona is currently ubiquitous and yet there is potential to be infected with it. In Italy, many infections started in a hospital, where doctors, nurses, patients and visitors can transfer this from room to room. There was a cruise ship off the coast of Japan with the number of passengers in a small town in … Read more