Aruba buses

The bus system in Aruba is well developed and largely corresponds to European and American standards. The buses leave the main terminal on time and go to the respective terminus. Depending on the traffic situation and traffic jams as well as passengers, this can take different lengths of time. Once arrived, the buses drive back to the terminal, creating a loop.

Timetable Aruba buses

You can find the timetable for the Aruba buses on the Internet. Note the difference between the line numbers and the days of the week. The buses run between the capital and hotels every 15 minutes, but only between 40 minutes and every hour on weekends or after 6pm.

There is no timetable information at any bus stop (except the bus station), which means – the bus comes when it comes. This can vary depending on the traffic jam and the day of the week. The rigid display boards of the bus terminal with the departure times and line number are only valid from Monday to Friday. Different driving times apply on Saturday and Sunday, which can be read on the Internet or at the ticket counter at the main terminal.

Note that buses run much less frequently on Saturdays and Sundays. Also note that full buses drive through at stops, so you should allow 1-2 buses earlier. The Aruba bus terminal is located opposite the cruise port next to the pink Royal Plaza Mall.

Tariffs and bus tickets in Aruba

The bus ticket costs $ 2.60 or 4.50 AWG for a one-way ticket. Note that the change is always AWG. You can get the return card at the kiosk (point of sale) at the central bus station. This costs 5 US dollars (or 8.75 AWG) and includes two round trips. You save $ 0.20. If you drive often, a day pass for 10 American dollars or 17.50 AWG may be worth it from 4 trips.

Aruba trams are free.

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Aruba network map and route map

Line 1 (direct), 2, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3, 3A runs between Oranjestad and San Nicholas. Line 5 and line 6 on Aruba run between Oranjestadt and Paradera. The bus line 6A and 6B between Oranjestad and Arikok National Park. Line 7, 7A and 7B between Oranjestad and Palmbeach (however in the hinterland). Line 8 between Oranjestad and Savaneta via the airport. Bus lines 10, 10A and 10B are the hotel strip buses and run along Eagle Beach and Plam Beach between Oranjestad and Arashi Beach (close to the California Lighthouse).

  • Line 1, 2, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3, 3A – Oranjestad and San Nicholas
  • Line 5, 6 – Oranjestadt and Paradera
  • Line 6A, 6B – Oranjestad and Arikok National Park
  • Line 7, 7A, 7B – Oranjestad and Palmbeach
  • Line 8 – Oranjestad and Savaneta via Airport (Queen Beatrix Aruba Airport)
  • Line 10, 10A and 10B – Oranjestad and Arashi Beach

Sightseeing Aruba by bus

Many sights of Aruba can be reached by bus (and a bit of a walk) (but not all). The most popular include Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. But Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach (perfect for diving) and Street Art in San Nicholas are also within reach.

You cannot reach Baby Beach in the south of Aruba or the east side with the Natural Bridge. The lighthouse is about 2 kilometers walk from Arashi Beach.