5 ways to wish Italians a happy birthday

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Bella Italia – this is easy. And a “gelato alla stracciatella” should still be possible. But this shouldn’t be all of your Italian knowledge. How about if you could say “Happy Birthday” in Italian? Or even better: You have different options to wish an Italian Happy Birthday. In this post, you will learn how to express Happy Birthday in Italian.

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Find the perfect translation for your event below – after all, you have enough options to say Happy Birthday in Italian. There comes up “amore”.

Happy birthday in Italian
Happy birthday in Italian
  • Buon compleanno. – Classic happy birthday.
  • Tutto il meglio! – The short form: All the best!
  • Congratulazioni! – Perfect for social networks: congratulations (on your birthday) but also congratulations.
  • Buon compleanno e tutto il meglio! – The shape for detail lovers: Happy birthday and all the best.
  • Complimenti – purely congratulations. Can also be used as a compliment.

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In addition to Italian, you will find many other languages on this website. How about happy birthday in Finnish or happy birthday in Hungarian?

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