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Return a value if no rows are found SQL

What actually happens when you run a SQL query that doesn’t return any rows? For example, think of a WHERE clause with the condition 1=2, which can never be fulfilled and therefore rows can...

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SQL Developer Slow

Is your SQL developer slow? Then here are a few tips and tricks to make it a little faster. Note that you use the Always optimize SQL Developerand you should also download the latest...

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SQL Default Value if no row is returned

Sometimes default values are necassary. Normally you can use NVL or NVL2 when you get NULL values as return value. But it is also possible, that no row is returned. In this case, NVL...

Commit Rollback SQLDEV

Commit and Rollback SQL Developer

The SQL Developer sets implicit automatic COMMITs. This COMMIT is subconsciously and automatically canceled in the following situations. (1) SQL Developer quits normally, with no COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement. In this case, a COMMIT...