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Bergen – 6 things you must have experienced in Bergen

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You are visiting Bergen and want to get the most out of your visit? Then read through the following 10 activities that you should definitely have experienced in Bergen.

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The historic Hanseatic district of Bryggen is unique and is considered a city within a city in Bergen. In the past, trade took place in this quarter, but the character has survived to this day. The houses are colorful and tall, but extremely modest. The district offers a variety of cafes and souvenir shops and is considered a cultural center for many artists. The Bryggen district is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fish market & Marketplace

One of the most famous and most fragrant sights in Bergen is the Fish Market at the end of the Stadtfjord. Past and present in a small space with delicious sea creatures, fruits and vegetables. The hall is open all year round, while the outdoor market is only open in summer. Bergen Fish Market is centrally located near Bryggen and was one of the most important trading points in Northern Europe. In addition to freshly caught fish, the market also offers culinary delights for consumption on site. From time to time fresh flowers and plants are also sold there.

Mount Floyen

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Anyone who travels to Bergen should have climbed at least one of the seven surrounding mountains. The easiest and absolute must is Mount Fløyen. From the top you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city and the sea and the fjords. The mountain is also a central starting point for further hikes in the surrounding mountains. With the Fløibanen funicular, the mountain can be reached from the city center in just a few minutes. The most beautiful view of the city from the mountain is at sunset.

Fjord Tour in Bergen

Bergen is surrounded by the most beautiful and largest fjords in Norway. For this reason, a boat tour through the numerous fjords should not be missed. The Norwegian fjord landscape is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe and offers numerous panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, villages and landscapes.

Bergenhus Castle

Bergenhus Fortress in the Bryggen district is said to be one of the oldest fortresses in Europe. Today the castle functions as a museum, whereby the tower as well as the magnificent hall can be visited. An absolute must for every visitor who wants to feel like a Norwegian king.

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Mount Ulriken

The highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen is the Ulriken at almost 650 meters above sea level. From the top you are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view over mountains, the fjords and the open sea. The cable car takes you up the mountain with the transmitter tower in just a few minutes. One of the best-known and most popular hikes is from Ulriken to Fløyen.

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