Fallout 76 – Invaders From Beyond – Event Alien

The new seasonal event “Invaders from Space” starts on March 1st and runs until March 15th, 2022 and is part of the new season. The start time is every hour on the hour, with a mother ship appearing first in one of several locations. Three brain wave siphons are used in the counter.

The event lasts between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the number and rank of the players.

Due to bugs in the Grahm’s Meat Week (Meet Week) event in April and May 2022, the Aliens are returning until May 10th back in Fallout 76 in 2022. As in spring, the event takes place once an hour at various locations.

Event locations – Invaders From Beyond

This event starts at a different location every hour on the hour, with a total of 6 possible locations for the areas in Fallout 76. The locations are:

  • Garrahan Mining Quarter (Mining Headquarters)
  • Monongah
  • Barren Sundew Grove
  • Charleston Capital
  • Wavy Willads Water Park< /li>
  • Dyer Chemical Industry

Don’t worry, you don’t have to find the locations. The quickest way to get to the event is to use the “Join Event” function. However, make sure you don’t miss the event.

Short guide for the event Invaders From Beyond

Here is a quick guide to mastering the event:

  • Investigate the brainwave extractor Kappa (the first siphon)
  • Defeat 30 alien enemies from different aliens
  • Defeat the alien commander
  • Destroy the brainwave extractor (the siphon)
  • Repeat for the second and third siphon

Invaders From Beyond Walkthrough 

To start the event, a player must travel to the event and then examine Siphon Kappa (one of the Brainwave Siphons). Then the event starts. The task now is to destroy all three Brainwave Suckers one by one before the extraction process is complete.

Each siphon is protected by a force field controlled by an Alien Commander. Alien forces appear first and must be destroyed. These are divided into:

You must destroy at least 30 of these aliens before the commander enters the game world. Note, however, that more aliens will be beamed down overall, so they can stab you in the back. Once the commander is dead, the siphon must be destroyed. Then it goes to the next two siphons. Only one siphon after the other is valid. If all three siphons are destroyed, the event is over.

Note that the waves are getting heavier. While simple aliens appear in the first round, Kyro or toxic aliens also find their way into the following rounds. The three rounds have the same names as the Alien Commander:

  • Brainwave Siphon Kappa, Lieutenant Kappa, first round
  • Brainwave Siphon Omega, Captain Alpha and Captain Omega, second round
  • Brainwave Siphon Zeta, General Zeta (Legendary 3rd stars), third round

Rewards for the Invaders From Beyond

As a reward for completing the event, there will be some loot, XP, and plans for crafting alien weapons and camp items. There’s also plenty of circuitry and excess antiseptic that you can turn into cash. Not all blueprints are tradable.

Also, you should grab the chance and take photos of the aliens to complete the daily and weekly challenges. It is important to take photos of aliens, commanders and complete the event.

Tips & Tricks for Invaders From Beyond

You should wear power armor in the event because the attackers are quite strong and deal high damage. Also note that there are always energy waves that rob you of at least 30% of your health. However, the Peark Auto-Stimpak is too slow here, so players are constantly dying and need to be rescued. Therefore, make sure that your health never falls below 50%. Otherwise, retreat and regenerate.

Energy weapons and radiation weapons are useless against aliens, so it’s best to use ballistic ammo weapons. Note that aliens fire energy weapons, so your armor is primarily designed to withstand energy.


Here you can find a few more photos of event attackers from space.

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