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Fallout 76 backpack carrying capacity

Fallout 76 - Meistgesucht,Fallout 76 - Tunnel der Liebe, Fallout 76 - Seismische Aktivität, Der optimale Camp Standort für Fallout 76 - Guide
Der optimale Camp Standort für Fallout 76 - Guide
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Carrying capacity is a big issue for many in Fallout 76. For this reason, there are several ways to increase the carrying capacity. These include

  • Backpack
  • strength points
  • Perk cards (see perks below)
  • Food that increases carrying capacity
  • armor with pockets
  • level ups

The sum of all these advantages ultimately results in your carrying capacity. This is the maximum weight you can carry with you – such as gear, weapons, and items. If this maximum value is exceeded, you are overloaded and you have some impairments, which can quickly become a problem in many situations. SO you can no longer use the fast travel function – not even to your camp. In addition, the AP decreases quickly even with normal walking and sprinting (fleeing from enemies) is no longer possible. In addition, the AP only regenerate when stationary or with food and drink.

It is not possible to wear power armor and a backpack at the same time. So when you equip your power armor you automatically lose your backpack advantage, so you have to switch to perks or food for the carry capacity increase.

Make backpack

Backpacks can be crafted at any armor workbench, with the backpack leveling up (and carrying capacity) every 10 levels. This is possible up to level 50. The maximum of a standard backpack at level 50 is a total of 60 TP (carrying points, carrying weight). The small backpack has a maximum carrying weight of 30 TP.

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Backpacks cannot be sold or given to other games. Dropping the rucksack will destroy the rucksack. Alternatively, the backpack can be disassembled into its individual parts.

Small backpack in Fallout 76

The small backpack has half the carrying capacity of the standard backpack. The blueprint for the small backpack in Fallout 76 can be found in the main quest line in the Morgantown airport terminal in the warden’s box. This is located in the airport on the second floor. The small backpack has a maximum carrying weight of 30 HP at level 50 and can be crafted at any armor workbench.

Large backpack in Fallout 76

You get the big backpack as a reward for the quest “Order of the Tadpole”. However, these tasks are relatively extensive, so it may take a long time until you successfully complete this quest and receive the blueprint for the backpack. The large backpack has a maximum carry weight of 60 HP at level 50.

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Mods & skins for the backpack

Backpack mods can be purchased at the Possum Vending Machine for Possum Badges, such as those at Camp Adams and Pioneer Scout Camp. More others can be purchased from Minerva. Skins change the look of the backpack. These can be purchased in the Atomic Shop, but are also unlockable through quests, events, or the SCORE board.

More about Fallout 76

You can find more about Fallout 76 on the Overview page for Fallout 76. You can find more games on the Overview page for games.

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