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Aussicht auf Molde und Molde Panorama vom Aussichtspunkt Varden, Umgebung von Molde, Berglandschaft von Molde, Fjorde in Molde, Molde auf eigene Faust
Aussicht auf Molde und Molde Panorama vom Aussichtspunkt Varden

Also known as the “City of Roses”, Molde is a charming Norwegian town in the province of Møre og Romsdal. The city is situated on the beautiful coast of Romsdalsfjord and is surrounded by the impressive Molde panorama mountains. Molde is the perfect destination to explore the Norwegian culture, the fascinating landscape and the relaxed attitude to life on your own. In this article we will focus on the sights, food and shopping in Molde so you can get the most out of your trip.

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Molde, the city of roses, enjoys a reputation for a mild climate due to the numerous mountains surrounding the small town. Over 200 mountain peaks – mostly snow-covered even in summer – are visible from Molde and the Varden vantage point. In addition to a small airport, Modle is known to many cruisers. Not only fjords can be admired from Molde, but also the famous Atlantic Road with its many bridges. The port of Molde for cruise ships is right in the city.

Molde is located in Romsdal surrounded by many peaks, which ensure a mild climate. For this reason, there are many beautiful gardens with roses and other flowering plants in the city. In addition, numerous parks invite you to linger while you can watch the hustle and bustle of the small town.

Sights in Molde at a glance

Molde doesn’t have many sights and all of them are within easy walking distance. Because of this, you can explore Molde on your own. Basically, the following are popular destinations in Molde:

  • Molde Cathedral
  • Molde Town Hall
  • The panoramic mountain Varden

The Kunsthalle, which is located near the town hall, offers a beautiful view of Molde. Alternatively, the roof of the shopping center is also an option. In addition to a mini golf course and a fantastic panorama, there is also a café at the top, which offers small snacks and drinks. A very special moment in this small town when the sun is shining. In June and July, peonies and lilacs also bloom – a beautiful cityscape that does credit to the city of roses.

The town hall is simple and modern in design, but don’t forget to photograph the bronze statue of Rosepiken (the rose picker). Since the jazz festival takes place in Molde in summer, you will find the jazz player as a sculpture on the square opposite. Modle Cathedral is simple in design, from the street you first have to climb stairs to get to the entrance. The colorful rosette is particularly beautiful in the church with the free-standing bell tower. A beautiful rose garden has been created on the roof of the town hall, next to the cathedral.

The shopping street in Molde consists of a few shops – you have a larger selection in the shopping center opposite the town hall. Note that many shops are either closed completely or have limited opening hours on weekends. You can pay with the Norwegian Krone (NOK) or simply and conveniently with a credit card, which is accepted almost everywhere.

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From Varden you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city, the sea with the small islands in the fjord in front of it and the numerous mountain peaks. Enjoy the wonderful air on the mountain, the lush green and the ferries that meander through the islands. The ascent is direct from the port and is about 4.4 kilometers long – most of it paved or gravel motorable mountain path (if you use the road). You can descend via a forest path. The ascent takes a little more than an hour – depending on your condition, the descent takes about 45 minutes. The mountain has a total height of just over 400 meters.

Sights and highlights

  • The Molde Panorama: One of Molde’s most recognizable features is the impressive Molde Panorama, a breathtaking vista of 222 snow-capped peaks stretching along the horizon. To experience the Molde panorama in all its splendour, you should visit the 407 meter high mountain Varden. Here is also the Varden viewpoint, from which you have a spectacular view of the city, the Romsdalsfjord and the surrounding mountains.
  • Romsdalmuseum: The Romsdalmuseum is one of the largest and oldest folk museums in Norway. The open-air museum is spread across multiple locations and offers a comprehensive look at local history, culture, and architecture. Visit the historic buildings, learn about the traditional Norwegian way of life, and admire the extensive collection of art and artifacts.
  • Molde Domkirke: Molde Domkirke, or Molde Cathedral, is an impressive neo-Gothic building built in 1957. The cathedral is known for its impressive architecture, beautiful stained glass windows and large organ. A place of rest and reflection, the cathedral offers a fascinating insight into Norwegian religious culture.
  • Molde Stadion: Football fans shouldn’t miss the Aker Stadion, also known as Molde Stadion. The modern stadium opened in 1998 and is home to Norwegian football club Molde FK. If you have the opportunity, you should attend a game and experience the passionate atmosphere of Norwegian football fans.

cuisine and food

Molde offers a variety of gastronomic experiences ranging from traditional Norwegian cuisine to international specialities. Some of the best restaurants and cafes in Molde are:

Fole Godt: This cozy café is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast or a relaxing afternoon tea. Enjoy freshly baked bread, hearty sandwich

es and sweet treats in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

  • Plassen: The Plassen is a modern culture house that houses a restaurant, a café and a bar. Here you can enjoy regional dishes and international cuisine in stylish surroundings while admiring the impressive view of the harbor and the surrounding mountains.
  • Bryggeriet Restaurant: Bryggeriet Restaurant is a popular steakhouse known for its delicious steaks and burgers. The rustic ambience and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal place for a leisurely dinner.
  • Fisketorget: Molde’s fish market, Fisketorget, is a must for anyone who loves fresh seafood. Here you can enjoy delicious fish dishes right on the harbor while watching the fishermen at work.
  • Alexandra Café: Alexandra Café is a charming café and bistro in the heart of Molde. Enjoy traditional Norwegian dishes, cakes and pastries in a warm and welcoming environment.


Molde offers numerous shopping opportunities, from large shopping centers to small, independent shops. Here are some of the best places to shop in Molde:

  • Molde Storsenter: Molde Storsenter is the largest shopping center in the city and offers a wide range of shops including fashion, electronics, groceries and more.
  • Moldegård Storhandel: Moldegård Storhandel is a popular shopping center that offers a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment options.
  • Olsens Conditori: Olsens Conditori is a traditional Norwegian confectionery that has been based in Molde for over 100 years. Here you will find delicious cakes, pastries and chocolate, as well as a selection of Norwegian souvenirs.
  • Torget: The Torget, or marketplace, is the heart of Molde and offers a lively atmosphere where you can shop for local produce and handicrafts.
  • Galleri Cylindra: Galleri Cylindra is a modern art gallery showcasing works by Norwegian and international artists. Here you can purchase unique works of art and handmade jewelry.

Sights outside of Molde

In Molde, near the town hall, there is a rather oversized bus station with numerous lines. From here you can go to Alesund or other regions of Norway in addition to the Atlantic Road. Many providers also offer fjord trips, the Trollstigen pass road with the Trollwand or a visit to Alesund.

The famous Atlantic Road, consisting of bridges, dams and small islands, counts as the structure of the century in Norway and is a popular destination for numerous tourists

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