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Der optimale Camp Standort für Fallout 76 - Guide

Since the Wastelanders update in Fallout 76, Fallout has had the new currency of gold bars. With these gold bars you can acquire new and special items in Fallout 76. In this guide I would like to tell you everything about gold bars. On the one hand there are several ways to get gold bars, several dealers and many different items in exchange for gold. Note that as always in Fallout 76, there is a gold bar limit.

What are gold bars in Fallout 76?

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Gold bars are a new currency in Fallout 76, introduced with the April 2020 Westlander update. Gold bars are an independent currency, although you will not find gold bars directly. You have the option of exchanging government bonds for gold bars at the gold presses, with an additional exchange rate being incurred. You can then exchange these gold bars at various merchants for special rewards.

In order for you to be able to use gold bars in Fallout 76, the storyline of the Wastelanders update must be played through to a large extent, at least up to the NPC Sunny in the Waywards Diner. From this point on, you can farm gold bars and use them to purchase additional items.

How do you get gold bars?

You can buy gold bars from Smiley in the Waywards for 1000 caps. This is the quickest way to get more gold bars. For this you get 50 gold bars and this is limited to six times per week (maximum 300 gold bars). The cost of 6000 caps is manageable, especially for higher players.

The traditional way is to press gold through the exchange of government bonds. The two gold presses are in the Crater and Foundation, and you can only exchange a certain amount of government bonds for gold bars every day. If “Gold Week” is taking place in Fallout 76, you get double the amount for a government bond. So my tip is always to exchange government bonds for gold bars at this point in time. The daily exchange budget is capped at 200 gold bars (400 gold bars during Gold Week).

Treasury Bonds are awarded for completing events, daily faction quests, and occasionally for completing normal quests. Usually between two and four government bonds are paid out per event. A government bond corresponds to a gold bar value of 10.

What do you get for gold bars?

As a reward for gold bars in Fallout 76, you can purchase blueprints for weapons, armor, power armor, and CAMP items. The trader Minerva also accepts gold bars in exchange for her blueprints. Some items, such as the Secret Service armor, can only be purchased with gold bars.

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Note that your gold bar limit is 5000. If this is exceeded, you cannot pick up any more gold bars. So you should exchange your gold bars for items at the dealers in Appalachia in good time. Minverva is particularly cheap, which reduces the prices again in its super sale.

What gold bar dealers are there in Fallout 76?

There are a total of four dealers in Fallout 76, which you exchange gold bars for blueprints. These are:

  • Samuel in Foundation
  • Mortimer in Crater (base of the raiders – only after completing a certain quest progress)
  • Reginald Stone in Vault 79
  • Minerva at the three different places (Sielder, Fort Atlas or Raider)

The better your reputation in the respective faction (settlers or raiders), the more blueprints you have to choose from at the dealers Samuel or Mortimer. So make sure that your reputation with both factions is at least “friendly” in order to get a large selection of different blueprints. Alternatively, certain blueprints are also available in the shop. Since you should decide on a faction in the course of the story, you should have already bought the blueprints beforehand.

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