6 ways to wish Bosnians a happy birthday

Happy birthday in Bosnian

Happy birthday in Bosnian means: Sretan rođendan! This term is used most often because it is the standard phrase and can always be used. In social networks, but also in personal conversations, you will find other expressions much more frequently. These are shorter and more concise.

6 Ways to Wish Bosnians “Happy Birthday”

In the list below you will find different ways to congratulate a Bosnian. Some of these are short forms specifically for social media or informal conversations. Others, on the other hand, have a more general meaning and can of course be used in many ways.

It’s best if you apply your knowledge right away and surprise a Bosnian friend, acquaintance or relative with a “Happy Birthday” in Bosnian. Bosnians are extremely proud of their language and appreciate birthday wishes in their native language. But don’t be surprised if you hear “Hvala!” or “Hvala puno!” – this means something like “(Many) thanks”. And don’t forget: Variety makes life nicer – so you have several ways to congratulate a Bosnian.

Birthday gifts for Bosnians

It is often very difficult to choose the right gift – even more so if you are of a different nationality. Of course you can’t go wrong with vouchers, gifts of money, fragrances, technology and games – but these are just standard gifts. However, Bosnians are also happy about local and regional products from their country as well as technical articles. Please note, however, that certain products may not be brought into the European area (e.g. dairy products). Of course you can mix Albanian products with your own regional products and have a perfect and delicious gift.

More resources in Bosnian

Are you looking for more phrases and lessons in Bosnian? Then you will find many more topics and other languages ​​on the overview page.

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