Fallout 76 full storage chest

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A storage capacity of 400? Hard to imagine, but Fallout 76’s storage capacity has now tripled. It all started with a capacity of just 400. But demands for capacity expansion quickly grew. In the end 600 came and with the update “Wild Appalachia” at least 800. The update from January 2021 then caused an increase … Read more

Fallout 76 Circuits

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Circuits are a rare commodity in Fallout 76 and should always be kept in sufficient supply in the Storage Chest. The supply in the storage box should be between 50 and 100 circuits, more is unnecessary and only uses up weight pointlessly. As a result, your storage chest in Fallout 76 is quickly overflowing. For … Read more

Fallout 76 Tips & Tricks

Fallout 76 - Meistgesucht,Fallout 76 - Tunnel der Liebe, Fallout 76 - Seismische Aktivität, Der optimale Camp Standort für Fallout 76 - Guide

In this guide you will learn valuable tips and tricks that will help you get into the game, especially at the beginning. In this guide to Fallout 76 – Tips & Tricks you will learn many valuable tips that you can use for the game. The beginning of Fallout 76 In the beginning you are … Read more