Fallout 76 Tips & Tricks

In this guide you will learn valuable tips and tricks that will help you get into the game, especially at the beginning. In this guide to Fallout 76 – Tips & Tricks you will learn many valuable tips that you can use for the game.

The beginning of Fallout 76

In the beginning you are weak. This means you have no protective clothing or armor. Your life points are also extremely low, so even a small amount of radiation or an opponent can become agony. In the beginning you should play defensively and follow the quests until you have a good weapon with enough ammo. Should you die, only your scrap is lost in the worst case, but not weapons, armor, food or tools.

Make sure to stay in the green area (“The Forest”) at the beginning. This is where the enemies are the weakest. A rule of thumb is that the further to the right, the enemy strength increases. Opponents also tend to be stronger in the lower map area. Thus, the strongest opponents are located at the bottom right of the map.

Teams in Fallout 76

You can play Fallout 76 solo, but it’s much more fun in a team. Because of this, you should play Fallout 76 with other people you know. Alternatively, there are also open groups, which you can join or leave at any time. So you can also do daily tasks in which you have to be in a group or a team. Note that it is of course much harder to defeat all opponents alone. With two or three people it is much easier and much closer to reality.

Selling in Fallout 76

You can sell anything you don’t need to the dealers. You can only sell dismantled scrap in bulk packs, which you can first create with the Plastic resource. Note that all traders have a maximum of 1400 caps per day. Then you either have to buy something or wait for the next day. In contrast to dealers at train stations, you can often buy items from players much cheaper. That’s why camps from other players are always worthwhile.

Perks in Fallout 76

If you want to save yourself the Fallout 76 First membership, you are somewhat limited with the perk cards, as you will probably run out of storage box capacity quite quickly. For this reason you will have to wear more on you. For this reason, you need a few perk cards, which you can no longer freely assign. I can recommend the following perk cards:

  • Weapon Belt (up to 90% weight reduction on ballistic weapon ammo)
  • Batteries included (up to 90% weight reduction on energy weapon ammo)
  • Messie (up to 75% weight reduction on scrap)
  • First aid kit (up to 90% weight reduction on chems including Stimpak)
  • Thru Hiker (up to 90% weight reduction in food and beverages)

Camp in Fallout 76

If you like building a camp (and this is a lot of fun) you should take your time. But it will not be your last camp nor your final camp. If you run out of resources or you lose the desire to build, it is not tragic. Good camp locations are close to train stations, as that’s where you can sell all your junk. You can find more information about camp construction in the guide for the optimal camp location.

Note that you cannot teleport to your camp while overloaded. If necessary, you have to put something down, eat or go to the next dealer or a recycling facility.

Blueprints in Fallout 76

Pay close attention to the surroundings, because you will not only find bobbleheads, but also blueprints and recipes. However, you must read both in order to be able to build the item. The blueprint is then used up. You can give away or sell blueprints that you already know. For more information on blueprints, see this guide. Alternatively, you can also get blueprints and recipes from events, operations or the quest series. Only through blueprints can you expand the game in many ways, such as building new items.

Junk in Fallout 76

Not all scrap is equally valuable in Fallout 76. Of course you need steel or wood for certain things – but these components are often only needed for the camp or weapon construction and can be found quickly. However, you should definitely keep screws, ballistic fibers or copper and lead, because you will need them later. Make sure you don’t overfill your inventory and crate with too much scrap, but have a good mix. For more information, see Fallout 76 – Storage and Recycle.

If you don’t have enough of certain materials, you can use the train stations. Note that rare materials (like screws) only have one station on the map per day. This means that in the worst case you have to visit a train station. However, this costs a lot of caps to travel as well as to purchase. For this reason, such scrap is always recommended to be stored. But don’t forget to recycle the scrap before storing it.

Armor & Weapons in Fallout 76

You should repair your weapons and armor regularly. A good value is at 10% health to reduce costs. Repairing too early costs resources unnecessarily, and repairing when the equipment is already broken costs disproportionately many resources. Broken weapons cannot be used (but remain in inventory, so they are not completely lost). Broken armor also remains, but no longer protects against weapons, energy or radiation. Note that armor in particular costs a lot of (rare) resources.

At first, try to use armor and weapons to unlock new mods. This is the only way you can later modernize or build your desired weapon. The same goes for armor, of course.

Food & Drink in Fallout 76

Rested, full food and thirst bars, and “in a good mood” gives you many valuable traits that will help you in battle. You should therefore always have some food in your inventory. You can also cook and further refine food. However, be aware that some foods spoil over time. Cooked food and boiled water also have lower radiation. Food and drink bars must be at least over 75% for the bonuses to take effect.

  • Good mood: duration 1h, +25 action points
  • Well Rested: Duration 2h, 5% more experience points
  • Well Fed: +25 maximum hit points and +25% disease resistance
  • Well Hydrated: +25 Maximum Action Points and +25% Disease Resistance

Diseases in Fallout 76

See that you heal diseases and addictions quickly. Otherwise you will have some losses in your SPECIAL values. You can heal addictions, illnesses and radiation with remedies and tools. You can also heal some diseases through food and drink. You should also be more careful that you don’t get any dependencies or illnesses, since healing items in particular are rarely found.

Events in Fallout 76

Be sure to participate in events if other players are already participating. Events bring you many advantages: You meet opponents there, get their loot and a reward at the end of the event. Events also increase your experience, allowing you to level up faster. Some events are generated automatically, others you can start when you are in a certain area on the map.

Supply drops in Fallout 76

Airdrop requirements are underestimated and many players don’t know what to do with them. It’s not that difficult, though, as Cargo Drops contain valuable and rare gear, as well as extremely important resources. Should you have such a requirement, then a radio tower must be visited, which are distributed on the map. Note that enemies await you there for the first time. You can then load the holotape at the radio tower terminal and the supply drop will become active. Note that the landing zone is nearby, but not directly at the radio tower. So pay attention to the map after activation.

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