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A storage capacity of 400? Hard to imagine, but Fallout 76’s storage capacity has now tripled. It all started with a capacity of just 400. But demands for capacity expansion quickly grew. In the end 600 came and with the update “Wild Appalachia” at least 800. The update from January 2021 then caused an increase to at least 1200, although this space is too small for many. For this reason you should good warehouse management operated and the Consider maximum supplies in Fallout 76.

The Storage Box is required for many items, Weapons, Armor, Scrap, Ammo, Blueprints, Chems. Everything seems important and you just don’t want to part with anything – you might still need it. This is also the reason for the success of the Fallout 76 First membership. There you will get a recycling box with unlimited storage space for production components, which usually empties the box a bit. Note that you will still find enough other materials in your box, so this is not necessarily the solution.

Why is inventory limited in Fallout 76

There are several reasons for the inventory limit. On the one hand, this is intended to sell the Fallout 76 First membership. This includes a scrap box, which provides unlimited storage space for crafting components. As a result, the scrap content in your storage box is almost zero and you have more space for other items. This mechanic is also intended to make the game trickier. You could not store everything that could possibly be of use to you. You must take risks and sell weapons and armor in hopes of finding a better one. In addition, with the restrictions of the storage box, things cannot be exhibited indefinitely in the camp. Of course, this is better for the game and the transfer of data.

Clean inventory regularly

Inventory should be cleaned from scratch on a regular basis and then left in order for a period of time. This is the only way you will become master of the components in the storage box as well as those that you have with you. As you play the game longer, you’ll know which components you need and which you don’t. Do you really need 300 stimpaks if you keep getting new ones and only ever sell the surplus ones? Isn’t 100 enough? Or maybe only 50? These are all resources that you can easily save.

Clean up weapons and armor

Weapons and armor usually make up the largest part of the storage chest. There is often one of each type of weapon and armor in the box. One would have the ammunition or one could put on the armor when one travels “there”. In reality, however, rather the exception. Keep some weapons in the crate, but not of every genre. As a rule, you get better weapons all the time, so this is not necessary, especially for simple weapons or weapons that you can produce yourself. So your box is quickly freed from heavy parts. Also make sure to put the power armor pieces in a power armor chassis. A power armor chassis has 10 capacity points, while a part can already be well above that. This saves me a lot of space.

Rewards, Ammo, Legendary Modules

Note that many types of ammunition – such as rockets or mini nuclear bombs, rewards and legendary modules – also fill up your storage box. These special items (including explosives, fireworks and lunch boxes) are extremely heavy and are often collected. These alone often make up almost a third of your storage box capacity. Try using lunch boxes, fireworks, and candies regularly instead of collecting them.

Always have a reserve in your storage box

You should never fill the box completely, because you will still need the reserve. On the one hand, if it has to be quick and you want to start an event, but still want to put unimportant things in the box quickly. On the other hand, the Scrap and Store kit only works if there’s space left in your crate. This is necessary, for example, if you are overloaded and cannot run fast. It is often precisely then that there are no dealers or recycling banks within reach. For this reason, it is advisable to always have a drink (alcohol) and a food that increases strength or HP with you in order to gain about 10-15 more trake capacity.

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