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Bus connections and buses in Kos

Kos offers two different bus services: City Busses (city buses) and intercity buses. The city buses run around Kos Town, while intercity buses connect all regions and locations on Kos. A central transfer point...

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Kos Beaches & Kos Snorkeling

Kos offers numerous beautiful beaches for swimming and other sports activities. This means the classic pedal boat, banana boat, bouncy castles in the water, paragliding, surfing, sailing, jet skiing, diving and many other activities....

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Altaussee Blaa Alm

Relax at the Blaa Alm

The Blaa Alm On the way to Loser you can turn left to Blaa Alm. After a short drive on dirt road, you finally reach the alpine pasture (there are plenty of parking spaces...

Altaussee Loser

Hiking at Loser & cooling off in the Augstsee

The Loser-Panorama-Road The nine kilometer long toll road to the Loser offers a spectacular panorama of the surrounding landscapes and mountains. Parking spaces are available at the 1600m Loser-Alm – but they are rare...

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Rachau Aussichtsturm

The “Wipfelwanderweg” Rachau

Standing high above and overlook the mountains and pastures of the Mur Valley. No, it is not a new observation tower but you are standing in the woods. With the treetops at your fingertips...

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Ulm Ulmer Muenster

Ulm in 3 hours – 180 minutes in Ulm

Ulm at the Danube in 3 hours – that’s why it is worth visiting The university town of Ulm is located next to the border to Bavaria in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The idyllic Ulm...

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Aruba buses

The bus system in Aruba is well developed and largely corresponds to European and American standards. The buses leave the main terminal on time and go to the respective terminus. Depending on the traffic...