Fallout 76 Chems – A Comprehensive Guide and FAQ

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76, chems are a valuable resource that provide players with temporary buffs and benefits. They can be found, crafted or bought in the open world and help to complete various challenges in the game. In this article, we will examine the different types of chems, how to make and use them, and possible side effects and dependencies. At the end you will also find an FAQ that answers frequently asked questions on this topic.

Types of chems in Fallout 76

Chems can have a variety of effects, from improving combat abilities and healing injuries to increasing attributes and skills. Some of the most common chems in Fallout 76 are:

  • Stimpacks: These are responsible for healing health and restoring lost Action Points (AP). There are also different versions like Diluted Stimpacks, which heal less but are easier to craft, and Super Stimpacks, which heal more but are harder to find or craft.
  • RadAway and Rad-X: RadAway removes radiation from the player’s body, while Rad-X temporarily increases radiation resistance. Both are essential for exploring the dangerous, contaminated areas of Appalachia.
  • Buffout: This chem temporarily increases Strength and Stamina and is useful for carrying more items or sprinting longer.
  • Mentats: Mentats improve Perception and Intelligence and are helpful for increasing accuracy in V.A.T.S. to increase or get more experience points when completing tasks.
  • Psycho: Psycho increases damage resistance and damage output, making it a useful addition when fighting strong enemies or in PvP clashes.
  • Med-X: Med-X increases the player’s damage resistance and is especially useful for reducing damage from enemy attacks.
  • Jet: Jet slows down time, allowing players to make better decisions or react faster in stressful combat situations.
  • Fury: Fury increases melee damage and is ideal for players who focus on melee strategies.
  • Overdrive: Overdrive increases damage and critical hit chance, which is especially useful for battling strong enemies or prevailing in PvP.

Manufacture of chems

Most chems can be crafted by players at chemistry labs scattered throughout the Fallout 76 world. Crafting chems requires certain ingredients that can be found in the environment or acquired

can. This includes plants, animal materials, chemicals, and other items. Some of the common ingredients are blood leaves, toadstools, water, chemicals like saltpetre and aluminum, and animal materials like gooseberries and radscorpion spines.

It is important to purchase the Chemist skill under the Intelligence attribute as it doubles the number of chems made when crafting. This increases efficiency and helps players stock up on chem.

Precautions when using Chems

While chems offer many benefits, they can also have negative effects if misused. One of the main dangers of overusing chems is addiction. If a player uses a certain chem too often, they can become addicted and suffer negative effects if they don’t take the chem regularly. Symptoms of addiction include reduced attributes and skills, and general weakness.

Luckily, Fallout 76 comes with antidotes like Addictol, which cures addictions and helps players regain their health. However, it is important to carefully consider the use of chems to minimize the risk of addiction.

Chem combinations and synergies

Some players like to experiment with different chem combinations to maximize the benefits and make their characters more effective. For example, Psycho and Buffout can be combined to increase damage resistance and damage output while increasing Strength and Stamina. Note, however, that combining chems can increase the risk of dependencies.

Storage and trading of chems

Chems can be stored in the player’s personal storage chest to save inventory space. They can also be traded with other players or sold at vending machines to earn caps (the currency in Fallout 76). Remember that trading chems with the Hard Bargain charisma perk is more effective as it allows for better prices when trading.


Chems are a valuable resource in Fallout 76, helping players achieve their goals more effectively and survive the dangerous world of Appalachia. Proper use of chems, experimenting with combinations, and being aware of potential side effects and dependencies are key to getting the most out of these performance-enhancing substances.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about chems in Fallout 76

Can I permanently heal my addictions in Fallout 76?

Yes, addictions can be permanently healed by using Addictol or acquiring the Chem Resistant ability from the Stamina attribute. Addictol can be found, crafted or purchased in the game world, while Chem Resistant reduces or even eliminates the chance of becoming addicted to Chems.

How do I find the ingredients to make chems?

The ingredients for chems are scattered throughout the game world and can be found by gathering plants, killing animals, or looting containers and enemies. Some ingredients can also be bought from vendors. The Green Thumb and Butcher’s Bounty perks can help collect more plant and animal materials.

Is there a way to reduce the chance of chem addictions?

Yes, the Chem Resistant ability from the Endurance attribute can reduce or even eliminate the chances of chem addictions. Investing points in “Chem Resistant” allows players to minimize the negative effects of chem use.

How can I get more chems from crafting?

The “Chemist” skill from the Intelligence attribute doubles the number of chems crafted. Investing points in “Chemist” allows players to stock up their chem inventory more efficiently and get more benefits from crafting.

Can I share chems with other players?

Yes, chems can be shared with other players, traded, or sold from vending machines. Sharing chems is especially useful in team situations to increase the group’s overall survivability and fighting power.

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