Fallout 76 – Collect Mothman Eggs

In Fallout 76, the online action role-playing game from Bethesda, players will explore the post-apocalyptic world of West Virginia. Along the way, they encounter a variety of creatures, materials, and items to collect, craft, and use. One of these coveted items are the Mothman Eggs. Find out where to find mothman eggs in Fallout 76 and what uses they can be found in this article.

What are mothman eggs and why are they so popular?

Mothman Eggs are the eggs of the mythical creature Mothman that can be found in various locations in the world of Fallout 76. These eggs are not only an interesting curiosity for collectors, but also a valuable resource for in-game crafting and cooking. Mothman Eggs can be crafted into Mothman Egg Omelettes, a food item that grants players valuable bonuses such as increased AP regeneration and additional experience points. Therefore, they are in great demand among players.

Where to find Mothman Eggs in Fallout 76?

Mothman Eggs can be found in certain locations in the Fallout 76 game world. Here are some of the most famous locations:

  • Point Pleasant: The town of Point Pleasant is probably the most famous place to find Mothman Eggs. There is a mothman museum here and a large statue of the creature. The eggs are scattered near the statue and around the museum and neighboring buildings. Thoroughly search the area to collect a large amount of Eggs.
  • Kanawha County Cemetery: Another location where you can find Mothman Eggs is Kanawha County Cemetery, southwest of Point Pleasant. There are some eggs scattered around here for you to collect.
  • Landview Lighthouse: There are also Mothman Eggs near Landview Lighthouse, east of Vault 76. Search around the lighthouse to find the eggs.
  • Gut Glancy: On the first floor is a dormitory which also has a variety of Mothman Eggs.

Tips for collecting mothman eggs in Fallout 76

To make collecting mothman eggs more efficient and successful, consider the following tips:

  • Beware of Enemies: Enemy creatures and NPCs can often be found in the areas where Mothman Eggs can be found. Be wary and prepare to fight back while you search for the eggs.
  • Regular Server Changes: Mothman Eggs are coveted resources and are collected by other players as well. To increase your chances of finding more eggs, you can switch servers and revisit the locations. Changing servers will usually reset the eggs and allow them to be collected again.
  • Fast Gathering: Mothman Eggs are a perishable commodity. To ensure they don’t spoil before you can use them, you should collect and process them quickly. Making Mothman Egg Omelettes is a great way to extend the eggs’ shelf life and take advantage of their valuable bonuses.
  • Storage and Trading: If you find more Mothman Eggs than you can immediately process or use, consider storing them in your storage or trading with other players. Mothman Eggs are a coveted resource, and many players are willing to offer valuable items or caps in exchange for them.

How to use mothman eggs in Fallout 76

As previously mentioned, Mothman Eggs in Fallout 76 can be used primarily for cooking. Here is the recipe for the mothman egg omelette:

Mothman Egg Omelet:

  • 1 Mothman Egg
  • 1 wood (for cooking)

To prepare a Mothman Egg Omelette, locate a cooking station in the game world and select the recipe from the menu. As mentioned above, the Omelette grants you increased AP regeneration and additional experience points for a limited time.


Mothman Eggs are a valuable resource in Fallout 76, of interest to both collectors and players looking to improve their characters and make the game more efficient. Mothman Egg locations, such as Point Pleasant, Kanawha County Cemetery, and Landview Lighthouse, offer you the opportunity to collect these coveted items and use them to cook Mothman Egg Omelettes. With the right strategies and precautions in place, you can expand your collection of Mothman Eggs and make the most of their benefits.

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