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djupivogur 1 0

Explore Djúpivogur on your own

Djúpivogur is a quiet, dreamy fishing village on the east coast of Iceland, which is particularly popular with bird watchers. Like the Westfjords, the east coast near the glacier is one of the most...

Dynjandi Waserfall in Isafjördur, Ísafjörður 0

Explore Ísafjörður on your own

With just under 3000 inhabitants, the village of Ísafjörður in Iceland is already the capital of the entire Westfjords region. Together they have a total of almost 7500 inhabitants. The beautiful place is located...

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Dynjandi Waserfall in Isafjördur, Ísafjörður 0

Ísafjörður – the pearl of Iceland

Werbung / Advertisements Ísafjörður is a small municipality with almost 3000 inhabitants and is located in the northwest of Iceland in the middle of the beautiful fjord landscape of the Westfjords of Iceland. The...

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Akureyri on your own

Akureyri is considered one of the most important Icelandic cities and is located at the end of the Eyjafjörður fjord (Iceland’s longest fjord). With almost 17,000 inhabitants, the city is only 50 kilometers south...

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Bergen on your own

Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and a popular destination for many Norway cruises. The beautiful city is surrounded by a total of seven mountains, which invite you to climb them. Fløyen and Ulriken...

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Alesund on your own

You don’t have much time in Alesund and still want to discover everything important? Then this post will help you. Here’s how to discover the best of Alesund on your own and in a...