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Happy birthday Russian

Happy birthday in Russian means: С днем ​​рождения! (S dnem ​​rozhdeniya !) This term is the most commonly used in Russian because it is the standard phrase and can always be used. On social media, however,...

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Happy Birthday French

Happy birthday in French means: Joyeux anniversaire! This is the classic standard phrase to wish French people a happy birthday. In social media, such as Facebook or Whatsapp, however, other expressions are often found much more...


Happy Birthday in Greek

Happy birthday in Greek means: Χαρούμενα γενέθλια! (Charoúmena genéthlia). As in the German language, this term is used most frequently. On Facebook, Twitter and other social media, however, other expressions are often found much more often. These...

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag auf Tschechisch

Happy Birthday in Czech

Happy Birthday in Czech means: Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! This term is used quite often cause it is the standard pharse of saying Happy Birthday in Czech. However, other expressions are often found much more frequently...