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You thought Fallout 76 only had train station vendors? Far from it. There are many different trading systems in Fallout. The most well-known system is of course the handle with bottle caps, but there are also a variety of other currencies. Such as gold bars (government bonds) or legendary bills.

Trading caps in Fallout 76

Note that all traders share the supply of bottle caps, so traveling on to other stations (to other traders) is of no use to you. The bottle caps will reset 24 hours after the first bottle cap is used at the retailer.

If necessary, you can also trade with other players, although this is only possible to a limited extent. A lot of players don’t do that. You can also only buy and not sell from other players at dealer machines. Furthermore, the total amount of bottle caps is limited to 40000, so sooner or later you will have to spend bottle caps. Any bottle caps over 40,000 are automatically lost, so you should regularly buy gold, blueprints or co.

Bottle caps are traded either at the train stations, whereby the dealers only have a certain quota of goods and bottle caps. Alternatively, you can also trade with other players or buy goods from their machines.

Tip: Always pay attention to the prices so that you can get a feeling for whether the goods offered by other players are cheap or expensive. You should also pay attention to the rarity of the goods on offer.

Legendary bills in Fallout 76

In addition to bottle caps and gold bars, there is also the currency of legendary bills. You can get the Legendary Notes either through the seasonal board or by exchanging Legendary Weapons at Legendary Vending Machines. These legendary vending machines can be found at every train station and in the Rusty Pick. Note that you can only purchase a limited number of Legendary Notes per day and you can only hold a maximum of 5000 Legendary Notes in your inventory. Any additional Legendary Tickets earned will be lost automatically.

In the Rusty Pick you have the option of exchanging the legendary bills for legendary modules. Note that unlike the bills, these modules have an enormous weight. You can purchase up to 50 Modules per day (which equals the total amount of Legendary Notes). Alternatively, you can also purchase legendary weapons, armor and power armor in the Rusty Pick, which are equipped with either one, two or three stars. In addition, there are always promotions for special exchange ratios in the Rusty Pick.

You need the legendary modules together with legendary cores to upgrade a weapon, armor or power armor yourself. You have the option at the armor bench or workbench. After purchasing Legendary Modules, you should always upgrade them so that your carry capacity and storage box aren’t burdened with additional weight.

Gold Bullion Trading

At various dealers you need gold bars instead of bottle caps. You get those either through the seasonal game card or you exchange government bonds for gold bars. This works on the gold presses, with certain weeks even giving double the amount. The gold presses are in the Crater and Foundation, and you can earn the government bonds through events and by completing quests.

Alternatively, you can also purchase gold bars from Smiley in the Waywards for 1000 caps. This is a very fast and effective way to get gold bars. You get 50 gold bars for every 1000 bottle caps, whereby this process is limited to six times a week. Higher level players can get 300 gold bars per week for 6000 caps. On the other hand, you usually get 2-3 government bonds at the events, which are also worth 20 to 30 gold bars.

Tip: Use the gold week, as you will get double the amount for your government bonds during this time. Instead of 10 gold bars, there are a total of 20 gold bars per government bond and the daily limit is increased from 200 to 400 gold bars.

You can use the gold bars to buy from various dealers – such as Samuel in Foundation or Mortimer from the raiders. However, the items on offer depend on your reputation in the respective faction. Also note that you should also redeem gold at regular intervals, because the limit for gold bars is 5000. You then have to exchange gold bars or lose them when you exchange them.

There are a total of four dealers in Fallout 76, which you exchange gold bars for rare blueprints. These are:

  • Samuel in Foundation
  • Mortimer in Crater (base of the raiders – only after completing certain quests)
  • Reginald Stone in Vault 79
  • Minerva at the three different locations (Settlers Foundation, Fort Atlas or Raider Crater)

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