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Der optimale Camp Standort für Fallout 76 - Guide

Aluminium is one of the rare goods in Fallout – but it is needed relatively often. For example, aluminum is needed to repair weapons. But some objects and building materials also need the important aluminum. You also need the material for power armor and the production of certain chems. However, it is important to remember that aluminum is one of the rare supplies in Fallout 76.

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Tip: If you are looking for aluminum, you should use the Pip Boy Aluminum to mark the item you are looking for. This has the advantage that a magnifying glass appears on junk items. Marking is done via the “Mark for Search” option if you are repairing items.

Six ways to farm aluminum in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, there are several ways to get aluminum. I would like to list six of them here:

  • Recovery of scrap containing aluminum
  • Mining of aluminum by an extractor in a workshop
  • Purchase of aluminum from merchants (purchase of scrap items containing aluminum)
  • Buying aluminum from players
  • Collecting aluminum scrap by robotic collectors
  • Hills and mountains often have aluminum veins. However, the aluminum collected there still has to be melted

Aluminum locations in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, however, there are some items that contain aluminum. I would like to share the best locations with you here:

  • Hospitals and restaurants are good locations for finding tablets. These include cafeterias (Morgantown or prison) or in Fort Defiance
  • Wind chimes contain a lot of aluminum and are usually attached to terraces or front doors. You can farm this in any place with a lot of houses
  • Robots in Watoga in southeastern Appalachia have some aluminum, but are relatively strong opponents
  • There are some toy rockets on the Tyler Country grounds which contain aluminum
  • At many ski resorts you can find ski poles that contain a large amount of aluminum scrap

(Scrap) items containing aluminum

The following is a list of all scrap items that contain aluminum and are therefore of great importance:

  • Aluminium can
  • Aluminium canister
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Tin can
  • Surgical trays
  • HH3 capacitor
  • Coffee can
  • Cake tin
  • Coolant cap
  • Oil can
  • Surgical tray
  • Tweezers
  • Hubcap
  • Sensors
  • Ski Poles
  • Toy Rocket
  • Detonator Box
  • TV Dinner Tray
  • Alarm clock
  • Wind chime

Even though aluminum is considered a rare item, you can usually find enough items on missions that contain the rare material.

Aluminium workshops

Of course it is also possible to mine aluminum in workshops. Aluminum stocks are located at the converted munitions plant, Meadows Farm and the county racetrack. Note, however, that you must first claim the Workshop and defend it for at least one turn. Then you have to build a mineral extractor and a generator for operation. Defenses help to defend the workshop. Note that other players can also claim the workshop. In addition, the extractor should be emptied regularly, since other players also have full access to it.

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  • Claim a workshop
  • Defend the workshop
  • Build a mineral extractor, generator and defenses
  • Take out the aluminum regularly

The way to farm aluminum via workshops is therefore a longer one. However, if the daily or weekly quests include “Claim workshop” this can be an alternative.

Buy aluminum from merchant or player

Of course you also have the option of buying aluminum from dealers at the train station or from other players. The latter thing, however, is considered extremely difficult since you don’t know which player is currently offering aluminum. Also note that the station vendors are constantly changing their inventory of junk items, so aluminum cannot always be purchased everywhere. Here you can do server hopping, try another day or travel to multiple stations.

Let collectrons search for you

Collectrons give you the opportunity to get junk items and loose materials. Of course, this also includes the valuable commodity aluminum. Also in mountains or hills you will find some aluminum veins where you can mine aluminum. Note, however, that in both cases you still have to smelt the mined and purchased aluminum into aluminum at the chemistry bank.

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