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Der optimale Camp Standort für Fallout 76 - Guide

There are not only ground foundations, but also foundations for gardens, which are equipped with soil. This gives you the opportunity to grow plants and food in your camp or on a balcony. This gives you many new and individual possibilities. But the garden blueprint is not easy to get.

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The Garden Blueprint can be purchased from Samuel (Foundation) for 500 gold bars. However, this is only possible if the settlers are at least in a “friendly” mood. But you usually reach this relatively quickly, since it is the first level. The 500 gold bars, which correspond to a total of 50 government bonds, should be a little more difficult for beginners. In each event you can look forward to up to 3 government bonds.

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Plants with garden blueprint

It is a bit difficult to arrange the plants neatly and closely on the garden foundation. Because of this, you should create a blueprint for it first. It is best to build the foundation a little further away and then place the plants nice and close together. Then save the foundation with the plants. Now you can (usually – doesn’t always work) include the template anywhere in your camp. You may have to remove the walls first to do this.

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