Honeycomb Bravo – FBW A32NX – Auto Brakes (Button 18)

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to use the “CRS Selector” button in combination with the autopilot knob  on your Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant Throttle as a switch for the AutoBrakes (automatic brakes ) can use. Of course you can also use other buttons or a different setup, it’s just for the demonstration. For the following setup you need the following:

Configuration with Spad.Next

In principle, it requires two variables that need to be considered. The first thing we need to do is ensure that the CRS selector on the Bravo Quadrant Throttle is selected when we turn the knob. Then we have to set the value for the AutoBrakes. Because of the good implementation, this is a parameter from 0 (off) to 3 (MAX). This means that turning the knob to the right simply increases the value by one and turning it to the left decreases it by one.

You can find the required variable name from the A32NX on the SimVar’s page from FlyByWire read. In this case, the variable name is A32NX_AUTOBRAKES_ARMED_MODE.

FlyByWire API AutoBreak
FlyByWire Documentation – AutoBrakes

Next, the configuration must be made in the Spad.Next program. The condition is that button 18 (CRS selector) has the parameter value 1. Then only the parameter value for the A32NX_AUTOBRAKES_ARMED_MODE has to be transferred, which works with Increment / Decrement 1 via the rotary knob. Note that limits must be set for this. The lowest value is 0, the highest is 3. If you want a rollover, you can also specify this.

So the configuration for Button 13 is:

Spad.Next Button 18 1
Spad.Next AutoBrakes

The configuration for Button 14 is thus:

Spad.Next Button 18 3
Spad.Next AutoBrakes

You can also decide whether turning left should automatically reset the parameter value to 0 (i.e. disable the brakes). To do this, you do not select a decrement for a left turn, but set the value to the parameter 0.

Spad.Next Button 18 4
Spad.Next AutoBrakes

Now it is possible to use the AutoBrakes. One right turn for LOW AutoBrakes, two turns for MED AutoBrakes, and three turns for MAX AutoBrakes.

More configurations

More about the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant

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