Call of Duty Mobile – how to destroy tanks

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From Season 7, Battle Royal (CoD Mobile BR) will not only have a larger map, but also tanks. These are currently causing problems for many users – how to deal with them correctly? How can tanks be destroyed and – are tanks too strong? You can find the answers on this post – including important tips on how to destroy them.

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Tanks represent a new type of vehicle in Battle Royal and are airdroped into the game in the middle to late game. There are one to a maximum of two tanks, although tanks, like vehicles, cannot drive everywhere – but can easily get on hills. Tanks have two weapons – a primary weapon with 30 rounds and a reload time of around 2 seconds and a second weapon with infinite rounds – which however should not overheat.

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How to destroy tanks in Call of Duty

The easiest way to destroy tanks is with another tank, 3 shots are enough and the enemy tank is destroyed. Alternatively, you can search for missiles in AirDrops or red boxes and destroy the tank. However, you need at least 4 rockets if you fire at the tank from the front or at least 2 rockets if you attack the tank from behind. The tank has a weak point in the back, so you do more damage here. Alternatively, you can shoot the tank at close range with a weapon with a lot of damage. To do this, stand behind the tank and move with it – make sure that you will not be run over, hit or stand in the explosion with. Also prepare for a fight if the tank driver gets out. Of course, this is only possible if a person is sitting in the tank.

Alternatively, you can switch off tanks with snippers (long-range weapons). Of these, you need well-aimed shots and at least 15-20. From a mountain, however, quite feasible. The tank is extremely strong on the plain, but in mountainous regions it cannot take advantage of it. For this reason, you have a fair chance against the tank – just as fair as other vehicles, pink vests, a start on the island or golden items.

Alternative methods to destroy tanks

Another possibility is grenades or gas, which seriously damages the tank or the player in the tank.

Activision rework

However, improvements are still needed for the tanks, as those from a distance are not shown in the graphics. This means the tank can see you, but you cannot see the tank – even at high resolution. This is currently an unsatisfactory solution and an advantage for the tank.

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